Workshop 17

Community Building, Events, Social Innovation
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W17 is a co-working shared office space that is filled with innovative thinkers, entrepreneurs and doers from lots of different backgrounds and companies. It is a place for people who want the freedom of being on their own, and the sociability of a shared working space with opportunities to network and possibly collaborate on ideas big and small. It’s great in theory, but sometimes, although people want to connect, they just don’t know where to begin. It can be scary and awkward.

The launch experience had to showcase the values of the office space and impress the VIP guests who were visiting, but more so, drive connections and the business forward with the people who use this space every day.

We took networking to the next level, helping people to get to know each other better and form lasting relationships. So the next time they bumped into each other in the office they could talk, without it being so awkward.

We made a shared office space a little less awkward.’. True Story


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