We Are Water

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We Are Water was a collaborative student project between CPUT (Cape Peninsula University of Technology) and AHO (The Oslo School of architecture and Design) at the Afrika Burn Festival, South Africa in 2015. The project became a practical learning experience with 3rd year industrial design students mentoring 1st year architecture students to build with tools. This project went on to be used as case study in Scandinavia and later as a basis of a Doctorate in South Africa.

The concept was to set up a water bar in the Tanwa Karoo desert as a bold statement against water shortages brought about by climate change. We activated the space with performance art and art installations to bring awareness around this global challenge. Climate change will affect water distribution heavily through droughts and floods, but how will it affect us as humans?

‘The human body is made of 72,5% water. In actual fact, we are water.’ True Story

© Photography by Retroyspective


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