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We started a furniture design company that showed the world how sexy sustainability could be.  True Story.

During her studies Danielle had an interest in sustainability and self-organising structures. She challenged the college why this hadn’t formally been part of the syllabus, when sustainability was clearly starting to become one of the most important challenges for any designer going forward.

Her lecturer suggested talking at the Decorex Trade Show, if it was such a passion point. She collaborated with a friend, Ewaldi Grove and they decided instead of just talking, why don’t they do? They spent 30 days writing a speech and creating a product that encapsulated what they believed in, for every day of the month. They got informal crafters on board and sourced materials from factory waste bins.

The product range was exhibited at Decorex and unexpectedly won a prestigious Gold award. They got published in over 40 publications including Metropolis, Elle Décor and Visi. The range continued to be exhibited and won the Fleur du Cap Real Simple Green Innovation Award, ImpACT award and some of the work was exhibited at the Rockefeller Center in New York, the Malmöhus Castle in Sweden and sold at Anthropologie stores in London.

Suddenly the speech had turned into a company.

And in 2007 the idea of sustainability, community empowerment, eco-conscious design and minimalism could be understood in a furniture range that people could touch, feel and actually use.


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