Good Shark Karma

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Sharks evoke a primal fear for humans. The thought of being eaten by a large predatory animal is pretty terrifying, even though statistically you only have a 1 in 32 million chance of being killed in a shark attack. There’s a higher chance of being killed by your hairdryer.

However for sharks the statistics are a bit different. 100 million sharks are killed every year. A third of shark species are now considered endangered and some are near to extinction.

So this year Save Our Seas used the Wavescape festival, a beach gathering where surfers and other oceanic minded people gather, to spread good thoughts about sharks and question who is actually the real predator.

The conversation started with the right people on the beach and continued to spread online with over a million #GoodSharkKarma tweets.

‘We got people to think good thoughts about our greatest predator.’ –  True Story


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