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DOOcolab is a global exchange platform that uses design thinking as a tool for solving real world problems.

South Africa has a difficult history, and cities struggle with huge inequality gaps, that should be getting fixed, but we don’t know how. And often solutions to city problems aren’t implemented because different stakeholders have different ideas about what’s needed. Politics and conflicting motives get in the way.

DOOcolab allows the different local stakeholders to come together and bring their own perspective to a problem. Design Thinkers from Universities around the world are also brought in to offer creative solutions and objective insights. We use a human-centered model that carefully looks at the needs of each user and facilitates a solution that gives value to everyone. And everyone now has a stake in making it succeed. We are building bridges in a city that was once very divided.

We have worked with students from USA, Sweden, Germany and Royal Academy of Arts, UK. We offer short and long-term intervention programs. Contact us if you want to get involved.  

‘A creative solution can bring divided people together.’ True Story

Project 1 – Trashback

This social experience brought together design students from Malmo University Sweden and CPUT to design a new way for trash collectors and businesses to communicate with each other. Local businesses need their waste collected for free, while homeless people can make a living by collecting it.

It is often difficult to bridge these social divides but this learning experience proved that by co-designing solutions together and taking the time to understand everyone’s needs, this is possible.

‘We can find a solution that works for the homeless, big business and the environment.’ True Story


Project 2 – Foreign Objects: Konstfak University

We used surprising props and unusual interactions to create real moments of connection between people who came from opposite sides of the world. True Story

Game Lab

‘We created an easy and fun curriculum that teaches under-resourced high school learners the basics of how to design their own digital games.’ True Story


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