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Flexible is the new way of working and living. 

Often the most challenging element to achieve in spaces is a genuine sense of sharing, collaboration and co-creation. We make this happen with social- innovation.


The Loop Building is a concept building, nestled in Lund, Sweden, between ESS & Max 4, two of the biggest material research facilities in the world. The Loop is a space where connections are sparked between big business challenges, and connected to advancements in science. The goal of the concept is to catalyse solutions for some of the worlds biggest challenges. 

We collaborated with Altitude Meetings and Skanska to bring six big businesses in Sweden together to collaborate on how to turn their biggest future challenges into future opportunities. We worked with a design thinking methodology to enable the businesses to democratically participate in group thinking.  In 5 days we came up with 250 ideas and sparked a corporate culture to fuel the building concept further. 

Workshop17 is a leader of co-working spaces in South Africa. In collaboration with Mike Freedman from  Freedthinkers, we helped to empower their community managers to become community builders. We co-developed creative activations, in all seven locations, to gather insights from the community members and identify what opportunities were desired in each location to bring the communities to life. 

During this period Covid-19 hit, which prohibited social activities altogether. We used this time to develop a community online porthole where members were invited to online network, share useful resources and be connected even though they were a part.

The work is ongoing and member centric, identifying the needs, opportunities and connections that the members need to thrive again, after lockdown and beyond.


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