CM Telekom: MoCo Moments

We designed an event formula to connect a global mobile community.

CM Telekom: MoCo Moments

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CM Telekom is one of the global leaders in mobile services, but is also passionate about bringing together a global online and offline community of mobile and technology experts and enthusiasts.

So they created MoCo, an edgy community-driven platform for people with a love for mobile and technology.

Online they bring the best of mobile through their YouTube channel and their cutting-edge blog. The offline events are often a bit more challenging as often we sit with the same people and have the same experiences.

We sometimes find it hard to connect and network, missing out on possible new opportunities to collaborate on the next best thing in mobile.

We were asked to come up with an event formula that encouraged, networking, interaction and cross-collaboration. We designed a structure that made people feel like they were part of an innovative movement of mobile movers and shakers from the moment they arrived and designed seamless ways for people to effortlessly network with each other throughout the event and share their unique perspectives.

The interactive formula is so simple to use, that it can be taken to any city in the world and easily be set-up and produced by any partner who wants to be part of this growing global, mobile movement.


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