Cape Town Laneway Project

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Cape Town Laneway Project

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The Cape Town Laneway Project began after being inspired by the vibrant street culture of Berlin and Melbourne. Three new friends noticed some potential in Barrack Lane, a small-unused laneway in the east side of Cape Town. We decided to see what could happen if we used some time, creativity and innovation to give it some new life.

We activated it in a couple of ways, opening it up to the public with early morning ‘street yoga’, a neighborhood lunch, a street party and an outdoor movie screening. People loved it, which led us to come up with even more ways to make it better. Barrack Lane won the Design Indaba Your Street Challenge, which opened it up fulltime to the public. The project encouraged others to look at laneways in their neighborhoods in new ways under the umbrella of The Cape town Laneway Project.


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