Bryanston Market Re-envisioning

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Bryanston Market Re-envisioning

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Bryanston Organic Market started in 1976 as an initiative to raise money for extra curriculum activities in the parking lot of  Michaelmount Waldolf School. It had always been a pioneer in natural, hand-made and organic. 

Over the years, society caught up, beckoning an opportunity for Bryanston Market to re-discover it’s north star and co-create a new map to remain relevant and pioneering.

True Story Studio collaborated with Danie Maritz from Moonshot, to run a series of innovative workshops in which we mapped a new route for Bryanston Market, including new business offerings that have the potential to add more value to greater Bryanston, and re-establish a strong connection between the school and the market community.

The processes worked closely with existing and potential customers, stall holders, teachers and parents and uncovered a wealth of potential that is currently being prototyped and implemented.

True Story developed customer experiences, physical spaces that encouraged community engagement, the brand identity and a strategy for the staff to make it happen.


We believe in a world where man-made spaces, create communities that help individuals to become the best that they can be and know where they belong.

We focused on it’s heritage, genuine level of indigenous craft and knowledge, the customer experience and bringing back the children. We re-envisioned an online presence, a daily convenience shop and a co-working space to beat the daily traffic. 

We co developed community-relevant activities throughout the year and focused on telling the stories about each crafter and their trade. 


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