Experiences that connect people

Experiences that connect people

True Story Studio is an experiential agency that uses design thinking to bring your brand to life with an experience people can touch and feel.

This may be an activation, event, workshop, dinner, an installation, an idea or whatever feels most appropriate to make sure your brand is at the right place at the right time, in the most exciting and unexpected way possible. Experiences that make people say, ‘I was there. True Story.’

Once you know what you stand for, how you show it is simple. True story.

We collaborate with people from all over the world.

With networks in South Africa, UK, Scandinavia, Portugal , Hong Kong and India, we bring the right people together in a tailor-made experience that suits you and your brand. The chemistry is everything. It’s the big stuff, like who will perform for a masquerade, to who will be the right person to collect the forks after a workshop.  

It’s all about the people. True Story.


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